Monday, October 15, 2018

Telangana Food Festival - Complete Scam

I saw this poster on a bus advertising the 'Telangana Food Festival' - 12-14th October. I was excited. I wanted to check out authentic Telangana Food. Anjali made me promise her that I would take her to that festival and on Saturday evening we began an arduous journey from Nizampet to People's Plaza in totally unforeseen traffic along with Harsha and Mythily. It took us an hour to get there.
Including price of bouncers of course!

The food festival was inside a huge tent-like structure which was a let down because we thought it might be an open-air affair overlooking the Husain Sagar lake. The entry tickets were priced at Rs. 50 which was rather steep and we were frisked by proper bouncers who are normally wearing black and seem about double the width of the average person. Why bouncers like it was a pub or something?
Telangana di ice cream - Feast!
As we entered we found an SBI stall. Serving authentic Telangana food perhaps. And then a series of authentic Telangana stalls - biryani, Ankapur chicken, Marathi Katta, a Telangana di Punjabi Rasoi, Patisseries, tandoori chai, Ahobilam sweets, millets, some water of a questionable brand being sold at 30 bucks a bottle. Where was the Telangana food dude? Or did I miss Telangana di KFC and Pride of Telangana McDonalds?
Buy some authentic food, buy a car and zoom off!
The middle portion of the tent was marked off for some second-hand cars. There were a few chairs to sit around which were in heavy demand. I drank some tandoori chai at Rs. 50, tried some vada pav (very spicy and tummy achy) and decided that enough was enough. Anjali ate some ice cream embellished with some stuff.

Very very disappointing and a huge let down for anyone who believed this was about authentic Telangana food. It was downright unethical to advertise it as Telangana Food Festival. I checked the Telanaga tickets and found that one Spartans media was in cahoots with the Telangana Tourism to promote this scam. Complete nonsense.
Better views, more air, more space, better food!
We stepped out and found much better stuff outside - ambiance, bhutta, chai. What a waste. Spartan and Telangana Tourism, please pull up your socks.

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