Friday, October 5, 2018

Anjali - No Plastic Please

Now Daksha School has always been advocating a pollution-free and plastic-free world, so many of these ideas are firmly ingrained in Anjali's mind. So a couple of years ago she walked into our colony Ganesh committee and asked them if they were installing a clay Ganesha (and they showed her that it was indeed a clay Ganesha). She has been advocating carrying our own bags etc when we go shopping and she is now a passionate foot soldier for the no-plastic, save the earth campaign.

Today we went to a sweet shop to buy a few sweets and samosas - the sweets for her good performance in the recent exams. The guy packed the stuff in a plastic cover and gave it to us. 'Nanna', she said. 'No plastic.' I wondered what to do and this time the young activist took charge unlike the last time when I told her that we could do it next time. She yanked the cover off and placed it back on the counter. The chap at the counter looked at her face and knew better than to convince her otherwise.

In the car, the young activist let flow a tirade. 'Nanna, we must all do this. One person cannot to it all by herself. Even if no one on this earth will support me I will do it. But it will help and make it easy if everyone joined in (hinting at people like me surely). And what am I convincing them about? To save our earth? To save themselves? Come on, this is just too much. This is our earth. It gives us so much. It gives us life. And this is how we treat it? How can we take it for granted? How can we keep littering it with plastic and then it pollutes and kills animals. I saw a video where an animal eats up plastic thinking its an edible thing. Can't we carry bags, bottles....'

So passionate was she spoke almost non-stop throughout our 15 minute journey. I suggested that perhaps since we cannot change everyone at one go, we should perhaps model that behavior and at the same time influence them by spreading the information and giving them small tips on how to avoid using plastic.  She thought I was, as usual, trying to contain her enthusiasm and sobered down a bit. I suggested that maybe I could interview her and she could express her views on the blog it would be a good start. A few people would see and may change their habits or behaviors a little. She agreed to the idea. So the interview is on next.

I do not remember being so passionate about anything like this in my life. There is a different kind of kindness to things that are not human (animals, birds, earth, environment) that I see in these kids that I never felt nor saw much in our days. Bodes well for the future. Good going Anjali.

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