Friday, October 26, 2018

Anjali - Sometimes People Cry to Get Attention

Something about people and feelings and hurt and how we get upset and Anjali suddenly said,
'I think sometimes people get upset just to get attention.'

I said nothing of course. Absolutely true. Wonder why we do that? I also wondered how one should differentiate this 'fake hurt' from expressing 'genuine feelings of hurt'. I tried to explain. .

'Maybe we get upset in the beginning because we really are upset. Then we like the attention we get. Once we realise that it is a good way to get attention easily, we act like we are upset even though we really aren't. But that's a lazy and dishonest way of getting attention.'

'And also, the bigger danger is, we could get addicted to this pity and constantly seek the company of pity-givers, get into a victim mindset and mess up our worldview.'

Sympathy is lousy and makes the receiver weak. Empathy makes sense. Don't pity. Understand. And if you love them, make them strong.

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