Sunday, October 21, 2018

Indore Diaries, Day 2 - Sarafa Bazaar

We managed to convince Raja to come along to Sarafa bazaar which he has somehow managed to avoid in his 5 years of stay. Incredible! I'd be there every second day. We skipped dinner and planned to check out the late night street food - though we did not go very late. We were there by 930 and the shops were being set up.
Sarafa bazaar - Just waking up at 930 pm
Sarafa bazaar is a narrow street that is a bustling jewelry market by the day. Once the shops close at 9, the street is lined on both sides with vendors selling all kinds of street food from dahi bada, bhutte ki kees, gharadu, coconut crush, nariyal pattice, paneer tikka, momos, jalebi, rabdi, paan, ice cream, falooda, gulab jamun, pav bhaji, and so much more. We drove to a lane not too far from it, parked on the road, and walked 10 minutes to Sarafa bazaar that was just opening up. We were helped by WhatsApp which mysteriously sent us a video about Sarafa bazaar and what to eat.
Inside the famous Joshi Dahi Bada House - the famous Joshi doing his famous flip of the dahi bada plate
Anyway, we started out with that sabudana vada, butte ki kees, garuda. Then we walked along until we found the famous Joshi of Joshi Dahi Bada and his inimitable style of throwing and catching the plate without spilling a drop of dahi (it's all over the internet). It's rather filling but absolutely lovely. Should have tried the nariyal pattice there but did not. Next stop at paneer tikka, and then we went down the street and tasted some rabdi, some paan. I managed to down a coconut crush too in the midst of all this.
Anjali and me waiting out for Guru's famous rabdi
Anjali found some chaps selling gift items and bought stuff for her friends. Shobhs picked up stuff from the namkeen chap. And the 10-minute walk was absolutely necessary as we felt quite fulfilled. It must have been a very filling two hours and we somehow missed a few items too! For a better idea, check out videos on the net.

I am going back. Only to eat!

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