Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Thought for the Day - Extend Your Outer Boundaries to Prevent Getting Hurt

Another brother of disappointment is hurt. I also realised that I get hurt easily.

Then I realised I get hurt because I choose to get hurt. I allow this thing to come into me and then I choose to get hurt because it gives me some kind of a validation of my being 'right' or more importantly having been 'wronged.'. Great for TV and the movies but pretty useless for me in real life.

So while thinking about how not to get hurt at the drop of a hat I realised that I can expand my boundaries and keep hurt away. I don't need to let it in so close that it hurts. If I have my boundaries clear in my mind, there is no way anyone can hurt me.

Expand the boundaries and move on. It could well be the cure for getting hurt and suffering pointlessly.

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