Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Mossad (The Greatest Missions Of) - Michael Bar-Zohar and Nissim Mishal

Mossad is the Israeli Secret Service famed for its many daring and precise missions that it has pulled off for the cause of Israel and the Jews. It is responsible for intelligence gathering. covert operations and counter terrorism. Since its inception in 1948 Israel has been constantly at war with its neighbours Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and other Arab countries and has had significant success.

The book details some 21 missions of the Mossad. starting from its inception in 1948. The missions include flattening a nuclear plant that was being built in Syria, capturing and bringing to trial in Israel a Nazi commanded Eichmann, capturing and killing another Nazi officer 'The Butcher of Riga', setting of honey traps to elicit information, ending Saddam's dreams of owning a super gun by killing the rogue scientist, capturing a MIG 21 perhaps for re engineering purposes, bringing home Syrian Jewish girls who were trapped in Syria with no men to marry, helping Ethiopian Jews cross over into Israel which was their promised land, establishing high level spies in Egyptian government and in so many other places, bringing down several terrorists who had inflicted much damage on Israel, eliminating the Black September leaders who were responsible for the Munich Olympics massacre of 11 Israeli athletes and so many others. The  successful mission to free the hijacked plane in Entebbe airport has been well documented in other books and movies so did not find a place here.

The book was interesting because its real life cloak and dagger stuff. Guns, spies, moles, kidnappings, traps, double agents - it has it all. The Jewish hatred for Nazi war criminals and their tenacity in following them and capturing them and bringing them to trial is noteworthy just as their dedication to bringing Jews from all over the world who wanted to come to Israel. The book also gave an insight into how Israel functions as a country amidst so much hostility around it, the politics of the region and how Mossad established itself as a top secret service organisation in the world. Good read.

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