Saturday, May 5, 2018

Anjali - You Should use These Talents to Make Money

I was driving Anjali home when I was stuck behind this car being driven at an uncertain speed. The only logical answer to me - the driver was speaking on his mobile phone. So I bet Anjali that the driver, whom we could not see, was talking on the phone. It turned out he was.

A couple of days ago while watching an IPL game I saw Umesh Yadav bowl a fabulous delivery and get a batsman out. Something about his rhythm and about the way Rohit Sharma walked to the wicket made me predict that he would get Rohit Sharma out on his first ball. And so it happened - an inside edge that went for a review but was given out. I predicted a few more such review calls correctly.

Having seen all this Anjali told me today after the car incident.
'Nanna, you should use these talents to make money.'
For a moment I was flummoxed.
'What talents?' I asked. I could not see any.
'The way your are predicting things - in cricket and on the road,' she said all seriousness.

How does one put such talents to work and earn money? How long will beginner's luck persist?

But on a serious note, I was quite happy that Anjali noticed something about me that I did not.

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