Saturday, May 12, 2018

Knot for Keeps - My Publication for 2018

Here comes 'Knot for Keeps' - Harper Collins anthology on the modern marriage (read marriage) edited by Sathya Saran. Krishna Sastri Devulapalli and Chitra Viraraghavan who have immense faith in my abilities to write pulled me on to the anthology that includes contributions from them both, Wendell Rodericks, Prasoon Joshi and Dr. Vijay Nagaswami. My usual reaction came up - what do I know about marriage? Except of being married.

Then some thought. Should I be flippant? Should I joke about it? Should I praise it?
I thought I'd do myself a  favour and write about my own marriage - an imperfect one - with two individuals who are completely different. Tall, short dark, fair, fast bowler, gold medallist. I never made sense of it so I thought maybe I should.

An Imperfect Marriage - my contribution to this anthology. Haven't read the others. Looks interesting though.

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