Friday, May 25, 2018

Some Nice Feedback!

Feedback from Harish Mushyam of Construction Specialities where I recently completed an eight week program for team leads on 'Leadership". The team was small but enthusiastic and I enjoyed my time with them. I was thrilled to see this mail from Harish - he was diligent, practiced the concepts and showed a fabulous learning mindset.

“Just want to share my experience with you. As I'd discussed with you earlier I already started implementing a process for appreciating QA team members by measuring their work in terms of raised defects. I have shared my thought with team and Greg, Ratna about my idea in recognizing them for their work every month by giving some gifts to them. I have created a Defect tracker and put it in shared location and every month I will take the count of each employee and quantify their defects/observations and who ever scored good count or valuable defects will be gifted.

Everyone in the team and manager appreciated my thought and they are very happy.

Recently I did Performance evaluation for one of team member and whatever positive/negative feedback provided by me was approved by Greg and team member also happy. (When I was evaluating him I remembered your session where you said - just think about the opposite person by standing in their shoes that really helps me to judge him).

Meanwhile I am working on some other areas to improve more quality of testing, I will be keep posting.”

So many ideas are running in my mind to implement the process for providing my best, I want to share with you and want to know your input as well.

One small happiness I want to share with you, yesterday one of the developers asked me “Harish, being a team leader why are you working along with your team member i have seen most of leads or manager won’t to do work closely with team because their work is distributing the work within team and reporting them to management.”

I replied to her that I am doing my duty. I never feel that I am a lead. In my past experience and current experience I know managers digging into code and working on code and when i asked them they said we have to see all angles. So I have taken them as role model. She also very much impressed with my words and asked me for some tips for her work area. Her name is Vasavi - Salesforce developer, her little discussion makes me happy because she likes my way and at the same time I got to share my learnings to someone to grow their life.

Thanks very much all your lessons and teachings.

Harish kumar”

Nice. He is on the way!

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Nice to see my feedback on you blog.

Thanks Hari!