Thursday, February 23, 2017

No Highway In the Sky - Movie Review

A 1951 classic based on the novel 'No Highway' by Nevil Shute. Interesting story of an aviation engineer who theorises that a particular make of aircraft will develop metal fatigue causing its tailplane to fall off after a particular number of flying hours.

When he is sent to investigate a crashed airplane he finds himself in an aircraft which is close to the number of hours he had predicted when the tailplane would fall off. He does everything to land the place including convincing a movie star who is aboard the flight. No one takes him seriously and the plane lands safely at the next airport for a check up. But he is adamant and brings the stationary plane to land on its belly disrupting any further travel. He is called for an inquiry because his test in the lab does not yield results in the prescribed time frame and he resigns. But soon after, the tail plane falls off in the lab and in the crashed plane proving him right.

A very different story indeed. The romantic angles from the actress and the air hostess included. James Stewart is swell. Marlene Dietrich is regal.

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