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Anjali - Interview With a 9 Year Old

It's almost four months since her ninth and we are slipping on our schedules. But we finally got down and did Anjali's nine year old interview. She cautioned me upfront to ask some different questions now. So I began with one of her most boring questions.
Anjali with Bruno on her head

Q. How's life as a 9 year old?
A. Good.

Q. Any difference?
A. No. I am excited about going to middle school next year.

Q. Are you happy about it?
A. Yeah.

Q. Do you feel grown up?
A. Not so much. But much more than lots of people. But I am still single digits in age.

Q. Why do you think you're more grown up than some?
A. Not boasting, but I think I am a little better than the others. Better English. Little better.

Q. What do you enjoy doing most these days?
A. Watching Pokemon. Playing with Mansi, Harsh. At school playing Ice Water, Knock Knock, Chor Police, Dance. Sleepovers. Making things. Poke balls, painting.
When I get inspired I like writing. Now it comes rarely, sometimes often.

Q. Why do you like Pokemon?
A. Because Pokemon is so cool. There's so much adventure and thrill and excitement. And it's sometimes very funny. Look I can make Squirtle noise (she made some noise).

Q. What do you like to read?
A. Mallory Towers, St. Clare's, Tinkle. I don't like the Naughtiest Girl.

Q. Why?
A. I hate the idea of the book. The kids give kids punishment. Whatever they want. I don't like it. I don't think its nice.

My favorites are Mallory Towers, Nancy Drew, Charlotte's Web by E. B. White

Q. And movies you like?
A. Only Pokemon. Animated English movies. Others are too stupid.

Q. But any other favorite movies in your life?
A. Happy New Year, Inside Out, Zootopia. City Lights.

Q. What did you like about them?
A. Zootopia showed that even a small bunny can catch bad rhinos and elephants. I like Inside Out because it was very nice. I liked Joy and Disgust. It was funny. Happy New Year because it was very funny. There is one scene where he does not want to tell them that its a dance competition and he makes funny noises. 

Q. You like funny more than anything else?
A. Yes.

Q. What was the funniest movie you saw?
A. Charlie Chaplin's 'City Lights'.

Q.. Favorite cartoons
A. Pokemon, Spongebob Squarepants because its funny. I like adventure and comedy.

Q. One story you really liked?
A. The jack story. 

Q. Favorite food?
A. Ice cream, Cornetto, double chocolate.

Q. What makes you happy?
A. Pokemon, friends, movies, family time.

Q. What would you like to do more with family? 
A. Do more things together. Even watching TV. Or specially making something together.

Q. What makes you sad?
A. Losing (quizzes and games), When others are better than me

Q. What makes you angry?
A. When people hide things from me. Or when they plan something against me. When you laugh at me (that was me).

Q. Who are your role models?
A. David Warner - just like him for no reason. PV Sindhu - really hardworking. Caroline Marin - very competitive. Indira aunty - sportive. She is lots of fun. Knows when to be fun and when to be strict. I really like her. I  want to be lots of fun.

Q. What makes you laugh the most?
A. At school I don't laugh. They make bad jokes. But they laugh at their own jokes. Sometimes Mansi's jokes I laugh at.
Mom, Satish Mam, sometimes Harsh's jokes
I think I am good at making people laugh. Everyone laughs at my jokes. I make a joke of everything and anything.

Q. What was the best joke you ever did?
A. Mansi and Yeshwanth were sitting in class quietly. They probably fought about something. Then I went in between and made a funny noise. They burst out laughing. 

Q. What scares you the most?
A. Loneliness. 

Q. What was the scariest moment for you?
A. Going into the Haunted House at school
Got lost at the Max store once. I could not find Mamma. I was crying and went to a security guard. The guard called Mamma and Mamma came. But they were not nice. One aunty kept telling me not to cry.

Q. What was the bravest thing that you did?
A. When I first went to Max (my brother's dog) I was so scared. I knew he bit some already. If I like dogs I can't only be with dogs I am comfortable with. I have to be with scary, friendly, all types of dogs.
Then the incident in Max store when I got lost. I couldn't see Mom.

Q. Who are your favorite people?
A. You. Mamma. Max. All dogs.

Mansi. Kalyani aunty and Indira aunty. 

Q. What was your happiest moment?
A. When I got gold in ISKO and NSO. The first time I wrote these I gave it my best.

Q. What are your 3 big achievements?
A. I got very angry with someone. Normally I keep it inside. That girl was blaming my friends one day. So I quickly got up and gave it back to her. She was lost for words. 

Then I felt really happy for Mansi when she got her first ever gold for IMO.
Making myself read Mallory Towers was an achievement. When Mamma told me to read I was not interested. When I read it it was so nice.

Q. What do you think of school?
A. Quite fun. Now its getting a bit boring. Curriculum. I've got to finish all the chapters. Less fun.

Q. 3 things you like about school?
A. Aerobics. Music. Friends and teachers (some)
With some teachers it's hard to communicate.

Q. What is your idea of god?
A. I don't know. Maybe there. No there. We only made him na. No proof of him being there.

Q. What can they do differently at school?
A. They should make something different from sitting in class. Make it more interesting than looking at teachers. Sitting like that all the time is a hard job. Should have more field trips.
End of school we should have night overs. Go out of Hyderabad even. Wonderla. Ramoji Film City. Should explain. Some are not good. They read for hours together. I get so bored. So boring.
They should give all children some work while others child is reading. Everyone should be doing something. It should be a lot more interactive.
Its hard to understand. Industry. Iron and steel. Just words we wont understand. Even videos are hard to understand.
Pictorial is more helpful than just telling. Listening plus looking.
Free period everyday. At home there are not so many friends of our age. Will be fun if teacher also plays.

Q. What are the new things you're learning?
A. When younger we used be be all in one class. Now its different. We do field trips with higher and lower classes. Its very different.

Has been both good and bad.
Got to know other classes. Their teachers, experiences, games. All our class interacts.

Q. What do you think of Swacch Bharath?
A. Make Bharath Swacch. My table is clean.

Q. What are the most boring things?
A. Waiting for anything. Having patience is one of the most boring things. Listening to long and boring lessons. At home and school.

Q. How does one not get bored?
A. Do what you like to do. Like playing with friends. Using the juicer. 

Q. What are the things you like doing by yourself?
A. Painting. Reading. Watching TV. Playing with slime and clay. Making something. Playing games on Kindle. Watching Pokemon. Dancing.

Q. What's the most boring book you read?
A. That Butterfly book. there is this butterfly that flies or something. Boring. Drinks nectar, thanks the flowers.

Q. Most boring movie?
A. Ramayana. Telugu movie. (We walked out after 10 minutes)

Q. What are your strengths?
A. Good voice. Sharp tongue (also my weakness). Popular (not boasting). Good at leadership.
I know what to say where to say and who to say. some people can take things. They have a sense of humor. Some can't. Some complain so you have to hold your tongue. I think I am brave. Lots of kids are scared of talking to specific teachers. I talk to everyone.
I do lots of things that others can't. Like jumping over holes. Not big ones though.
Am good at most things. Not great but not bad. Studies. Real good at dance. Skating just fair. Writing and reading is my strength. English.

Q. What are the areas you should improve on?
A. Sharp tongue. I speak faster than I think and sometimes regret saying things. I sometimes accuse without thinking.
I take too many risks. Don't play safe.

Q. What do you like about people?
A. Fun. Brave. Adventurous. Risk takers. Those who like games. Indoor and outdoor. People like me.

Q. What don't you like about people?
A. People who get angry when you are giving them advise. People who make fun of others. Lots of people do something and defend it.
People who overact.

Q. What will you like to do when you grow up?
A. A journalist. Like learning about culture. How other people live, how they survive. Also want to research. Would like to study animal behavior. If a dog whines you don't know why. If he is angry. Also archaeology. Like History too.

Q. What do you think you need to know more of?
A. History. Want to be taught by a real man explaining in a clear, bold voice in a nice way.

Q. Who are your favorite actors?
A. Shahrukh Khan. Alia Bhatt. Anushka Sharma.

Q. What was one big learning that surprised you?
A. I didn't know egg was non vegetarian. I thought hen gives eggs like cows give milk and must be veg. (sheepishly)

Q. 3 things you would like to change in the world?
A. Would like to make all counties together. Like large countries with people going for the country and not against others. Like Kashmir or US and Mexico. Who wants more land?
Make all cars in the world run on battery
For pedestrians on each and every road there will be separate roads, cross roads even bicycle so they don't have to face smoke and accidents

Q. What do you want to learn next?
A. Swimming, Sewing, Origami

Q. What is the one thing that Nanna must change?
A. When mamma is talking to me in the middle of what you're telling me, and I speak to her and come back to you, you say nothing. You should continue telling me. (guilty)

Q. Mamma?
A. Hope she doesn't shout for everything. Doesn't do activities with me. She says why do you use words like 'always'.

Q. What;s the most beautiful sight you remember?
A. Shivthar ghal. (A place near Pune.)

Q. Do you think you are chaalu?
A. Yeah. I am chaalu fellow.

By now we were both tired and took a break. Guess we will catch up in a couple of months or so. On time this time. Thanks Anjali. I liked your perspectives on education, on what you would like to change in the world, on how to have fun. I also liked the way you are handling Swacch Bharath - by keeping your table clean. I know how fastidious you are about it. 

Until the next one in exactly two months. Hopefully i will have a better set of questions then.

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