Saturday, February 18, 2017

Nice - Glorious Alumni of OU College of Engineering

This was a surprise. I saw this post on LinkedIn by Nikhil N with my name tagged on it. The post is titled 'Glorious Alumni of OU College of Engineering'. There are so many more glorious alumni from OUCE - I can reel off names from those I know myself who achieved far greater glory than I did - but it's wonderful to see myself on the list and the quality of people  in it. Chuffed - to say the least.

Clearly the pic was taken from the notice board in the main hall of OUCE. It's quite an honor to get into the notice board. I remember how happy I felt when my first ever solo photograph appeared in the Sportstar after a 4 wicket haul against Goa and our Sports Secretary George put that nice pic in the Notice Board. I have that pic somewhere - let me find it.

But now to get back on to the board after almost three decades is quite nice. I know two from the list - Harish who was our junior and a wonderful young man with sterling qualities that showed up even then and Devendra Surana whom I'd met in a Rotary Club meet where I gave a talk on leadership.

Thanks Nikhil Nakka.for sharing. Made my day.

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