Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Decision Book - Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschappeler

'The Decision Book' is a thin book, all of 173 pages. It contains 50 models for strategic thinking. Split into 4 parts - 'How to improve yourself', 'How to understand yourself better', 'How to understand others better' and 'How to improve others', it has the best fifty decision making models in the world, all compiled in an easy to understand manner with visuals and graphs. Some of the models are.

The Eisenhower Matrix (important and urgent), SWOT analysis, BCG Box (Market share versus growth - question marks, stars, dogs and cash cows), Project Portfolio matrix (time vs cost, focus on learning and alignment with vision), John Whitmore model (SMART goals, PURE (Positive, Understood, Ethical) goals and CLEAR (Challenging, Legal, Environmental, Agreed, Recorded) goals, Rubber band model (What is holding you back and what's pulling you in a dilemma), Family tree model (Who recommended the product to you and who will you recommend it to -promoters, passive users and critics), The Consequences Model (don't defer decisions, make them promptly), Conflict Resolution model (Escape, fight, give up, evade, compromise and consensus)

The Flow model (Challenge vs ability), Johari's window, Cognitive dissonance model (either change behavior or attitude), Double loop learning model (objectives and values - actions - results - is vs should and loop back to action or double loop back to objectives and values), AI model - Appreciative inquiry (fault finder, dictator, school teacher and AI), Small world model (find the person who can help your product and ideas through friends).

The Drexler- Sibbet team performance model (making a group into a team through development and performance - orientation, trust, Goal clarification, Commitment, Implementation, High performance and Renewal), The Team model (soft and hard skills on scale of 10), Gap in the market model (Cost effectiveness, prestige and awareness on 3 axes), Hersey Blanchard model of situational leadership (instruct, coach, support and delegate), Role playing model (six thinking hats), Result optimization model (finalize plan three times to optimize)

Many more - like the fashion, music, political, status matrices. It's a good book to read and use when you need it. Certainly one to have in the library for ready reference.

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