Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Eight Below - Movie Review

Eight guide dogs on an Antarctic mission are left behind by the team because of an impending storm. The idea is to come back for the dogs in a few days but conditions worsen and the dogs are left chained in the storm. The dog guide Jerry Shepard (Paul Walker) wants to go back to rescue his dogs but no one is willing to finance the expensive mission to the Antarctic.

Jerry meets the scientist who won acclaim for his discovery and whose life was saved thanks to the heroics of the dogs. But the scientist is unwilling to help. Dejected Jerry almost gives up - its six months since the dogs are left behind. But then the scientist decides to use his grant money to fund the rescue mission and the team goes back with almost no hope of finding the dogs alive.

Jerry finds six of the eight alive and brings them back. Lovely piece of work. Enjoyed watching it with the dog lover at home Anjali.

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