Tuesday, October 25, 2016

L 7 - Movie Review

Koni's friends produced this movie and he invited me as usual to watch it with him on the first day of its release. Now Koni has always come and watched Ram's movies on the first day of their release with me so we have this quid pro quo thing going (wonder why we are watching all others' movies). Last Friday he booked tickets at GVK One, and I landed up.

There were about 10 people in the theatre but that was to be expected considering there was little advertising/publicity and no big stars. But I found the story interesting. A newly married and much in love couple rents a new house to live in. After some odd experiences they suspect that it is haunted. Some scientific experiments confirm that some energy is holding back the lady of the house within its four walls. The young husband seeks the help of a god man who reveals a terrible secret - that the lady of the house survived a death junction because of the ghost (who has been sacrificed) and now the ghost wants revenge. (This part is kind of chilling.) The ghost gets most of her revenge before the couple escape. All bad people, as far as we are concerned, as dead. The legal system has not yet kicked in. But overall entertaining. All boxes ticked - decent story, performances, comedy, sex, suspense.

Thankfully it was different unlike most of the movies Koni likes and subjects me to. I think L 7 is the number of the house but knowing the director's penchant for the dark energy, it could be something else too.

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