Friday, December 25, 2015

Cracking the Leadership Code, Building Ownership Muscle - Workshop 2 on December 22, 2015

The second workshop in the series 'Cracking the Leadership Code - Building Ownership Muscle' for middle management went off well. There were some minor tweaks to the program and they all worked.

The idea that effective leadership can make a huge difference to team output and that leadership can be learned - were quickly addressed (both a resounding yes). Moving on we looked into the leadership blackbox and answered four questions that could help us as a leader in any situation - why we are leading, the purpose of it all (to make things better), what are we trying to achieve (goal clarity), how do we achieve it (the process) and who (it's always about people because we are only leading people).

Having got some understanding of the leadership box we then proceeded to look at traits one does not want in a boss (ranked ourselves against it) and then, listed traits we would love to see in our boss (ranked ourselves again). We became aware of what to work on. A quick understanding of the evolution of the leader - from an insecure and unprepared leader to a secure leader - with the important transit point of personal leadership in between was looked at. Key issues here - drop insecure traits that we are carrying and take up personal leadership i.e. own and consequently expand your current role. (Why should I - because its an investment for your growth.) A detailed look at the expanded role and how one can achieve it was followed by a discussion in their teams.

People management, conflict management, what people look for, how long to handhold the team member and when to praise and when to admonish and how to do it, were all experienced through role play. Then a quick understanding of secure leadership, of behaviors to act upon to build ownership muscle, and most importantly areas to work at in 90 days - work life, personal and social.

I enjoyed sharing the duck video that someone forwarded on whatsapp as a true example of secure leadership. No one taught the mother duck leadership through a workshop - she just followed her nature which is automatically about love.

Thanks Ira, Anupam, Anusha, Prasad, Shiva, Maradona, Charitarth,  Umar and a special thanks to Sukumar who came early and helped me with all the arrangements.

Some feedback:
This program helped in acknowledging and appreciating people, help my subs, encourage and motivate them, lead from front and deliver 100%. I'd view ownership now as an investment for my own growth. - SS

Helped me think of myself and reflect upon points where I can work upon. I plan to be more patient, listen more, take my team together and set a bigger goal for myself. - I

The entire session was very good. Learning how to take ownership helps organisation as well as our personal growth. Helped a lot in making my goals better and setting higher goals. Thanks for a beautiful session. - M

Learnt to appreciate people. Aware of my biases. As a leader I am now clear what my goal is, how to achieve it and how to implement it. - A

Learnt to appreciate and provide feedback. Building relationships with bosses and team and always being connected with them. Being patient with team members and helping them learn and grow. - U

Expanded role. Knowing what an ideal leader should be like. Team management. - A

Looking to improve on listening, asking questions and feedback, taking people into confidence, delegating work and allowing them to work independently. - S

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