Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Anjali - Dog Stories Contd.

Anjali's dog stories are intensifying.

Now Anjali has done enough research on dogs and knows various breeds by heart and at sight. She knows which breeds are good with children, what they eat, their behaviors, how long they live, the diseases they are likely to get and a lot of such stuff which I never knew.

The picture on her screen on the computer is a golden retriver.

Dogs on the road are given lot of attention and addressed with a loving 'Dog'. We try and ignore the insinuations.

A piggy bank at home has a post it stuck on it that says Rs. 25000 for Golden Retriever. The fund has reached a few hundreds. The piggy has a suitably sad expression on its face too.

As a back up, she has now researched that one could adopt dogs for free. She knows the many beenfits of adopting dogs as well. There is a long list. Chiefly, "you get it for free".

There is a long letter on my pin up board - full of sentiment and emotion - written to us the parents, on how badly she wants a dog. It's titled 'I want a dog" and is a killer. It ends with a space for both of us to give our 'words and suggestions'. And a note to the dog - 'this is all for you dog'.

She has now drafted a contract. Where did she get that from I don't know - I suspect she has stumbled upon a kiddies site that has a step-by-step procedure to guide children on how to manipulate parents into buying them or getting them dogs. The contract talks of how we are all involved in taking care of the dog and whose responsibility is what. (When did this become an 'us' thing I don't know but suddenly it appears that I am a an active party to getting a dog which I am not.) There are signatures for parents and there is a signature for her. I signed already. I don't know why.

She made cards with the names of all dog breeds and flashes them - its like a deck of playing cards.

One thing I know for sure - whoever Anjali chooses to like or love is a lucky person. She pulls out all stops for that person (or dog).

I wonder what all I will do under this relentless pressure.

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