Saturday, February 21, 2015

Vehicular Harassment - There Should be a Law Against This

Sometimes you wonder how you attract some people into your life. Two such gentlemen came into my life the other day and gave me a wonderful example of how close they wish to be to me, or to Carlos (my car).

It was a Sunday, so the place was empty. By the time I returned from my work, hoping for a pleasant drive out of the place, I see these two gentlemen had parked their bikes on either side, refusing to let me go. Notice the closeness they maintain to Carlos, hinting at an undesirable intimacy. And both bikes edging on so lecherously too.

Why would anyone do this when the entire place was empty?
Why would anyone do this?

The few reasons I could think of on why they (the bikers) did this was that they were
1) very insecure people and found security in numbers
2) somehow did not want me to leave the place
3) somehow thought this was a bikes only place
4) thought my car was actually a helicopter and could take off vertically.

Much difficulty later, I extricated my car from the embrace of these two bikes and headed home.

There should be a law against such vehicular harassment. Poor Carlos!

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