Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sunday Cricket Lessons - What's Natural May Not Be The Most Efficient

What's natural may not be most efficient
Chatting with Baig sir about the difficulty into getting side on, he made a fine observation. He said none of the classical positions in cricket are not natural like the side-on position. Front on is more natural, but its not half as effective. Side on is not natural but its very effective. The bottom hand is natural in life but in cricket the top hand is the key for success.

"What's natural may not be the most efficient: he said. The paradox cannot be lost. In so many ways what seems obvious is not what works best. In most ways the other way works easy and brings more result. Love against war for example.

Body alignment is the key
He also explained to me why I was not able to finish properly. The body alignment was off. As I loaded into the action I was in position but I finished slightly off alignment, my front leg fell away. He corrected it a bit and brought it back into alignment and lo behold, all was well. To explain more clearly, the back leg and front leg must be in line in the action and finish.

The finish helps direction
Once again the importance of the finish came into play. I worked on it some more and realised that it does need a conscious effort to finish in the right place, and a supple, strong and flexible body. But it is the key to getting it right, to getting-it-all right after the grand effort. If the finish goes awry, the entire effort can go down the drain.

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