Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sunday Cricket Lessons - The Rhythm Helps

The Importance of Finishing
When we get the 'finish' right, we add zip to the bowling. It takes a little extra effort at the finish but the effort is well worth the effect. It lends to direction, line and length, and that little extra that the ball does off the seam. So all the deliveries that I practiced bowling with a proper finish ended up being far more effective than the ones that I did not fully 'finish'.

Another insight I got was the 'rhythm' in the run up. It's important, especially for fast bowlers, to feel that rhythm because it sets up the action beautifully. Worth being aware of the rhythm and as Shivlal Yadav told me once, worth practicing at nets.

Getting Side On
The effort to get side on while bowling is demanding much of me but I can see the difference it makes to my bowling. When I am side on the effort is minimal, the result is great. I can easily notch up the pace and see the ball fly off the wicket. However I need to figure out the best way to get side on yet and I will check with Mr. Baig on that. Is it the approach or the landing?

I think, as always, that next Sunday, I will be a better bowler than I am today. Hope eternal.

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