Friday, February 27, 2015

Dick Tracy - Movie Review

It's a comic book come alive. The settings are exquisitely made in red, yellow, green, people who look like cartoon characters, and everything else that reminds you of the cartoons. It's the one and only Warren Beatty movie I have seen. I only remember him for one other detail I read about him.

Beatty is Dick Tracy the tough cop who is facing a bunch of mobsters headed by Big Boy (Al Pacino). Big Boy eludes Dick Tracy despite his many attempts to nab him. In his attempts to curb crime he comes upon a young kid who is witness to a key murder. There is love in his life in the form of Tess and there's unrequited love for 'Breathless Mahoney' (Madonna). A series of incidents later the good prevails over the bad.

Very entertaining. Dustin Hoffman as Mumbles is unrecognisable. All in all, falls in the timepass bracket.

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Rajendra said...

had seen this live around the time it released, in the U.S. Enjoyed it.