Saturday, June 28, 2014

Team Building Through Cricket - I Day Workshop for Great Sports Infra

This was a fine opportunity that Anil gave me and we had the largest gathering of professionals ever in a program of this type - 36. We had executives from sales, marketing, accounts, installation and other departments and many from across the country too. Yash, Shilpi and Vinay stepped in to help to compensate for the absence of Varun and Sagar. The team is young - most below 30 and most impressively they all landed up before time. We had 95% attendance before 9. That was impressive and spoke volumes of the work ethic they have built in this young company.
We started the first game at about 930 with about 32 players - by far the largest group I have ever handled (and the most energetic too). Teams were picked randomly by chits and the ladies chose their teams separately. 16 in a team warranted a small eight over introductory game where each pair played one over each.
Instructions before Game1
Team A won the toss and elected to bat which is not the best thing to do when you are playing a new format. It always makes sense to understand the rules and then have a go. In the ensuing confusion and clearing doubts on the go, Team A managed a net of 22 runs in their allotted 8 overs. All eight over were 8 ball overs. In reply Team B managed a score of 87. It was now obvious that the Teams were not well balanced but we continued to play with the same teams.
The key for this game was common purpose.
The all-important toss - no one called!

In game 2, Team B batted first and  were restricted to 61 in 18 overs which was highly gettable. However Team A's technical skills were severely tested and  they managed only about 8 runs net.
The key for this game was the importance of playing for the team and organising team activity better - role clarity, goal clarity, target setting etc came into play.
The 2 teams waiting to get into the ring
In game 3, a two inning affair, Team B batted first and managed only 42 runs in the 8 overs allotted to its first innings. In reply Team A managed a slender lead of 3 runs which was a huge achievement thanks to some really smart batting by Anil and his partner. In the second innings however Team B sealed it with a tall score of 93 in their allotted 10 overs. Team A managed  a score that never challenged  Team B after the first two pairs.
What's happening?
The key for this match was to make teams that are compact as a fist.
Game in progress
The day was long, the games were long. The power kept going on and off thanks to unscheduled power cuts and the DG set conking off, but we managed to get the entire thing going without a murmur from the participants.
Strategy session
In fact the second game was one of the most competitive games with everyone getting fully involved in it. The players were good - Shalivahana being exceptional.
Implementing the strategy
The longer games and numbers, meant that we had to rush through our program a bit but since its an experiential program, the learning would have been conveyed one way or another. The participants shared their thoughts on it.
Some celebrations, more strategies
A brief wrap up where we were gifted snazzy Great Sports Infra T shirts and caps and a warm thanks from Anil who recounted our association through the years in various capacities.
The 2 teams in earnest discussion
I am glad to have done it and hope this exercise helps this young and energetic organisation which seems to have its head screwed on right, is following the right practices and seems to have a glorious future ahead. Good luck to you all and hopefully we'll meet again soon.


Shali!! said...

It was a great experience to be a part of the team building exercise. Everyone enjoyed the activity to the core while getting the essence of it. I would recommend this activity for any organization and at any level. Thanks to Harimohan, Shilpi, Yash and Vinay. Godspeed:-)

Anonymous said...

Three cheers to our Captain Shali !!!

Unknown said...

Good analysis sir what you did and observations really awesome

Harimohan said...

Thanks Shalivahana for your warm wishes on behalf of me and my team. And may I add once again, well played and well led. Good work on the field and I am sure you will take it back to work and make a success of all you participate in. Good luck to you in all future endeavours.

Harimohan said...

I second that Abhinay. Thanks for posting.

Harimohan said...

Thank you Nagavardhan for your warm wishes and your comments. Thanks for posting and may I also add, well played.