Thursday, June 5, 2014

Anjali - But Everyone Loves You

I was pulling Anjali's leg.
'No one called me today,' I told her.
'So?' she asked.
'No one is thinking about me,' I said.
'Maybe they are thinking about you but not calling,' she said.
'Nobody loves me,' I said putting on a sad face.

She looked at me and smiled in a placatory manner. Now what, seemed to be her attitude.
'But I love you na Nanna,' she said after a moment.
'Only you love me,' I whined.
'Mamma also loves you,' she said.
'She didn't tell me,' I protested.
'That's ok. But she loves you. I know,' she confided.
'Only two of you love me,' I continued.
'Your mamma and nanna love you,' she said.
'But they're dead,' I said.
'Yeah, but they still love you wherever the are,' she said.
Now that's a nice thought. Where did that come from?
And before I could continue my drama she wound it up.
'And all your brothers and sisters and friends and all the people you know love you from wherever they are ok,' she said.

That's a comforting feeling. I nodded. She nodded back, happy at having put my worries to rest.  


Rajendra said...

ha, ha, love the conversation about love!

Harimohan said...

Ha. Yes. Put me at peace, she did.

Bhavana said...

That is a beautiful conversation. In a few years you may have enough for another book. 'Conversations with my daughter'

Harimohan said...

Ha. That would be nice. Am enjoying them meanwhile.