Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thought for the Day - First Accept That You Want It

One reason why things we want seem out of reach could be that we do not even get to the first stage - of 'accepting' that we want them. Instead we 'hope' that something will happen and that what we want will somehow fall into our lap. But that 'hoping' does not give enough energy to our wanting anything. The least we are expected to do is to honestly 'accept' that we want that. It is like wanting a girl but not wanting to tell or show it and hoping she will somehow notice and come to you. Say it, feel it. I want that girl, I want to win, I want that car.
Pic courtesy Satish Nagundkar

Accepting is all about seeing things clearly, about taking responsibility for your decision to want that. Accepting is telling yourself that it is now your responsibility to go for it. Whether it is a win, a girl, a job, or any other goal, you have accepted the burden, taken the ownership on your shoulders. If you advertise the fact then your responsibility increases that much more. But even if you have decided for yourself, you are on the path.

Once we accept, the goal, the picture, becomes clear in our head. The path becomes clear. The effort required becomes clear. The reason becomes clear. And then we begin the delicious 'process' or journey towards attaining what we want. Chances are you will now get that or something better.

Acceptance to me is about honesty with oneself. It is also about courage. It is about taking ownership and responsibility to get what we want. If we cannot even accept that we want, we are being dishonest and that is certainly not the way to get anything. So got for it. Accept it. Say it.

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