Thursday, November 29, 2012

Anjali - On the Art of Using Only As Much Energy as Required

Now this is a slightly complicated concept that I always find difficult to explain. That perhaps we are at our best when we operate slightly within our 100% (perhaps at 80% I think, so we are in control). But while kicking some balls today Anjali explained the same concept back to me a bit more lucidly.

'Don't kick too hard Nanna,' she said after seeing the ball balloon off my foot. 'Kick only as hard as you need.'
I found that interesting and asked her why.
She said -'When we kick too hard, the ball will go somewhere or the other. So you kick only as hard as you need so it will go to the place where we want it to.'

That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. There's no point in putting in too much effort if the ball is going all over the place. Put it in the right place even if it means you use less energy. You get better results for putting the ball in the right place than for hitting it hard and sending it all over.

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Madhav said...

Wow. Thats deep.