Friday, November 9, 2012

Super weather in Delhi and Chandigarh

No pictures to tell a thousand words and you will have to take my word(s) for it. I was away in Chandigarh for five days but I first stopped over at Delhi for a day to meet up with Raja and to spend some time meeting my publisher. The early morning flight from Hyderabad to Delhi was pretty comfortable. The moment we touched down in Delhi I saw the fog, felt the cool weather and the toasty sunlight. I loved it.

Met Raja outside the airport and we drove straight to his institute IMT, Ghaziabad where we spent some time chatting, eating lunch, checking mails before I went to talk about 'The Winning Attitude' to the EDP students post-lunch. It was a two hour session and a highly enjoyable one at that, at least for me. After the session, Raja and I drove back from Ghaziabad to Delhi, fetched some food from the market, ate and crashed. The weather was cool and I loved the way it was foggy all day and through the evening. It was karva chauth the next day so many young ladies were getting their hands hennaed in the market place for exorbitant prices.

The next day I went with Raja to his institute again, dropped him there and went to meet my publisher in Noida. It appears that most publishers have set base in Noida and I saw many big publishers housed there. Noida itself was huge and it took forever to find the places we needed. Anyway after meeting the publisher I headed off to the airport, grabbed a bite and took the evening flight to Chandigarh.

Chandigarh airport was really small. I hired a taxi to get to the place I was to stay, in Sector 35 B, and enjoyed the ride along the well organised city. I found no tall buildings, lots of greenery and wide roads, shopping arcades etc. The weather was brilliant - you could walk about in a T shirt - when I really thought it might be colder!

But the next few days fell into a lovely rhythm. I'd get up at six and go for a long walk along those wonderful roads, go to a lovely park I found with a huge walkway and a jogging track and come back after an hour or more. The day would go by in work and then I'd get back to the room and work on the laptop until dinner. And then a small walk by myself walking along te shopping area, watching the young crowd enjoy themselves, and crash when I was tired. Loved it

On the last day I had some time so I went and roamed around the famous Rock Garden of Nek Chand, walked about the promenade on the beautiful Sukhna lake, roamed about the Sector 17 market place and returned. As always I felt the need to explore these places a lot more, imbibe the culture in its essence, meet more people, go into the countryside and so on. Some other time perhaps.


Madhav said...

Ah' Chandigarh. A lovely place. I miss it. Too bad you didn't visit when I was there.

Rajendra said...

The IMT students liked it too, according to latest reports..