Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thought for the Day - Finding the Guru

From Alexander who went to Aristotle, to Karna who sought Parasurama, Arjuna who sought Mahadev - it is a well known and commonly understood practice that the genuine student seeks out his guru wherever he is. I have seen some great cricketers like Rahul Dravid come all the way to Hyderabad to meet a coach like Rehmat Baig even at the peak of his career. The genuine student is never too big or too old to go back to his or her coach.
Light at the end of the tunnel, Pic by Satish

To first find that guru - the genuine student tries to find out what he or she is. What he or she is capable of doing and not doing. You must know what you need. You must know who can teach you that. And you must be ready to get that knowledge, whatever the cost.

Just as Karna did or Arjuna did. Go and seek that guru out. Ask him for guidance. Be grateful for the knowledge he imparts. In gurudakshina, Ekalavya, gave away all that he learnt in his life gratefully to his guru Drona. Such is the devotion of the genuine student. Such is the gratitude he has for the value his guru has added to him.

The genuine student is constantly ready to improve, to seek more, to learn more. Only when you do that will you be ready for the greater knowledge you are about to receive.

It is true - the teacher appears when the student is ready.

What it means is that when the student is not ready, he will not even recognise the teacher if the teacher is standing next to him.

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