Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blazing Saddles - Movie Review

Another Mel Brooks movie with Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks himself. This one is a take off on the Wild West stories and other take offs on racism, Hollywood and others. A black sheriff in a racist white town which is falling on the course of a new rail road makes things complicated enough but unfortunately for the villains, the town's new black sheriff finds unlikely support and spoils their plans. Waco the Kid (Gene Wilder) the fastest draw in the West, Mungo a strong man and the rail road workers support the black sheriff (who was originally a railroad worker sentenced to death by hanging).

The white townspeople now gather together and back the black sheriff to save themselves from a bunch of thugs hired by the State Attorney General, and guess what, they win. Typical Mel Brooks movie with enough fun and puns and irreverent humour. I watched it many moons ago when I found it a lot more funnier. This time, it was just about okay. The Mel Brooks scenes are as always hilarious.

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