Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taken 2 - Movie Review

Watched 'Taken 2', the sequel to Liam Neeson's action packed thriller 'Taken', at Prasad's today and it certainly was worth it for me. Kony is a great fan of 'Taken' and it was at his insistence that we quickly made it to the movie and settled down, popcorn and all.

Simply put, the relatives of the sordid chaps that Neeson kills in the first movie while saving his daughter from a prostitution ring in Europe that kidnapped her, vow to take revenge on him in the very first scene. Rather too dramatic those dialogues, about getting his back to that village and making his blood flow in those graves etc, but well, they set the tone! The revenge gang, a serious bunch that loves its football, sets out from Albania and finally zero down on Neeson (after stabbing a guy in the thigh). Neeson is in Istanbul on a security mission with an Arab sheikh. Even as the revenge driven Albanians come for him, he finds that his ex-wife, for whom he still feels, and his daughter, have also arrived in Istanbul as a surprise visit. Wife gets kidnapped, daughter escapes bad guys and the rest of the movie is about how Neeson tries to get them both safely out of danger and also handle a blood thirsty gang. I liked the way he goes with this dialogue - the one thing you should not do when a dog has found a bone is to try and take it away from it (referring to the gang trying to take his family away from him).

'Taken 2' as with the first, relies on slick and fast paced action sequences and Neeson looks brilliant in those. I thought the first one had a couple of sequences that were better (this one had one sequence of an SUV flying off and exploding and another emerging behind it just like a Telugu movie action sequence). Overall good value for your money and even though its all rather predictable, the director still manages to make it worth your while. If you're the action movie kinds you'll love it. If you're looking for good entertainment you'll love it. But if you're looking for deep engagement, you may not find it.

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