Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thought for the Day - Why Positive Emotions Have More Power

Looks pretty simple to me. All positive emotions more or less come to the same thing finally. Honesty, courage, patience, joy, hope, love and other such emotions deal primarily with being true to that one single emotion. It is clear and honest. It flows out as simply as that. It enriches you from the inside.
Abundance - Pic by Satish

Negative emotions however are caught in doubt. They are the ones that are always dealing with doubt and fear. Most times it is about the gap between what one is and what one is not able to be that brings on much of the negative emotions. Caught in this no man's land without any hope, one starts corroding from the inside.

But let's say you are what you are and you accept that fact and are honest about it - you will find the courage to face it, have the patience to deal with it, revel in the joy of it, look at the future with hope, suffuse in the love of just being what you are - and it just adds so much to your existence.

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