Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Zorba The Greek - Movie Review

Saw the movie adaptation of the classic book by Nikos Kazantzakis. It was apparently made in 1964. One remembers the many stories that one has read about the way Anthony Quinn portrayed the role of Zorba the Greek over all these ears and finally I got to see that performance. He fully deserves all accolades and if there was someone perfectly made to play Zorba, it was Anthony Quinn.

The movie made me appreciate the book so much more - it's a classic in every way. (No wonder Osho keeps referring to Zorba so often in his books and discourses.) As the movie unfolded I could see myself remembering small incidents in the book, the small sequences, the little idiosyncracies of Zorba and the way he comes across with his crazy but wonderful philosophies. Alan Bates plays the soft Basil, the introverted English writer who has returned to Greece to run a mine he inherited. He is joined by Zorba who walks into his life and changes it - and with it ours too. Zorba's approach to people, to women, to love, to work, to passion, to music, to dance is all too original and it will only make us wonder at the Zorba we could all have been, we could all be, if we were more truthful to ourselves.

If you have read the book, the movie is a fair representation of it and Quinn pours life into Zorba and makes him walk and talk and dance. However the book had more depth and content. But having said that it was not an easy book to read - but the movie is lovely to watch. Pleasing on the eye, an easy flow to it and a smooth, feel good ending. It's in black and white and certainly one to watch.

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Rajendra said...

A must watch-delightful. Every student of film-making must watch it too, might save us from some trash- a fond hope.