Thursday, October 11, 2012

Faltu - Movie Review

Watched Faltu on video and was wondering how this movie became a hit. Its about a bunch of college kids who have low scores in colleges and who find no admission in any college. They are joined by many more students who have not got enough marks and find no admission.This continues almost till half time when the college kids find Google, Arshad Warsi, who can fix anything. Google finds them a fake college and a fake college Principal (Riteish Deshmukh) who loves alternative styles of teaching, so they can fool their parents. (It's quite obvious by this time that Remo realised that he cannot carry off this movie with just the kids and needed some starry props.) The college is named FALTU which is an acronym for Fakirchand Lakirchand etc etc.

But this fake college becomes a hit. Many more students with no admissions join the fake college and they are all partying like crazy. The gang suddenly realises that they could actually do something with their lives and decides to follow their passions which turn out to be web designing, choreography, DJing and such other stuff. They make digital classes with Google's help and it all works out in the end because the college has no recognition but then the Minister for Education recognises the brilliant concept of FALTU shown through a well choreographed song and that is it.

Get the idea. Totally Faltu. But it did seem to appeal to some. God save the world.

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Dr. Seven said...

In the grand tradition of Bollywood movies, it sounds like a copy of a hollywood movie named "Accepted", which I had the misfortune of sitting through. At least the bollywood guys were truthful when they decided to call it Faltu. But why go out of the way to copy a Faltu movie in the first place?