Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Sky Is Crazy - Yvonne Lee

This is a fun and easy-to-read book, a humorous collection of stories from an air hostess who has flown to over 50 cities according to the blurb. The tag line 'Tales from a trolley dolly' gives you an indication of how Yvonne treats her book - always tongue-in-cheek, sometimes deeply insightful and poignant, the book is a perfect travel companion.
Marshall Cavendish Editions

Yvonne's experiences include passengers who struggle with their seat belts, with food and drink on board, bomb scares ad engines on fire, flying bras and sex in the sky by the Mile High Club, lost money and jewels, immigrant tales, toilet troubles, nasty superiors, gays, being on standby, living out of suitcases, people who cheat to get upgrades to business class and much more. Yvonne tells her tales well and gives a great insight into the things that the crew experiences in the air, the long hours, the types of passengers, the stuff they do and so on - enough for us to understand the life of an air hostess. Serving 100 passengers,answering their questions that range from the altitude, the place where the plane was flying over, handling medical emergencies and so on are part of her life. Yvonne manages to see the funny side of life through it all which makes it highly readable.

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