Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thought for the Day - How Do I Give 100%

Giving 100% is not about rushing in haphazardly and going like a crazed fool and expending all your energy. It is about a planned, deliberate, application of pressure that starts from a strong, secure, confident place and does not let go.

For example, let's say you have been asked to help with opening a jam bottle's cover (or to unscrew a rather unwieldy and tough screw). 100% is not about rushing in and trying hard to open it instantly. That is a sure way of hurting yourself and not getting the result you want. Instead you first take a good look at the jam bottle (or the screw). You get a secure grip through a deliberate action. Only after you get a secure grip will you start applying pressure. And when you do it, you know that you have to sustain that pressure - until that cover or screw gives in. You try and try again without giving up. If it still slips, you use a towel, a better angle, but you go at it, even after a break, until you create enough pressure so it cracks. That is a good example of giving 100%.

Giving 100% is a deliberate, gradual, tightening. An increase in pressure from a position of stability and strength. You start from within your limitations and keep pushing gradually up as you secure your footholds and handholds. And then it opens up. And expands you.

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