Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why We Postpone Things That Matter Most

If we make a list of things that matter most to us in terms of our own growth and happiness, most of us find that this list is also the list of things that we are postponing. I always wonder why we do this - postpone our good and happiness? Do we fear that once we look at it, it will disappear? That our quota gets done? Or that it might not be what we thought it was?

I ask the student - if you know its good for you why are you not doing it? He looks at me and smiles guiltily for asking the question for which he has no answer. And then he looks at me for the answer. I never had a convincing answer myself.

Yesterday I got a thought - or rather the thought caught me. It is rooted perhaps in the attitude we carry to life. Most of us go on with life assured of immortality - we know we will live and live long. Something will happen somehow at some time for me to do it, do what I want. But right now I am still figuring it out. It is the lack of urgency that stops everything. The lack of urgency comes from thinking we are here forever.

But if we look at life as if this moment is the last. That death is certain, lurking right next to you, and can strike any moment. Then there is a great amount of clarity instantly. All the things we want to do most, things for our good will come up now and we will do it. We make that phone call, write that letter, make that decision - and from one moment of madness to another - we fly, being there fully. Alive.

On the razor's edge! Ah, life would get so interesting. Just a small flipping of the thought.

So what would you do if you were to die any moment?


Rajendra said...

Two theories. One, that postponement makes us happy. Second, that we are really fatalistic, and leave it to someone else- parents, spouses, children, bosses, anyone..who'll do it for us.

Harimohan said...

Yes Raja. I guess it is easier not to have the responsibility of being what we could be if we did not postpone things.

Hmmm said...

Hi, love the post - If there is single line that has to define me - it's - Procrastination vs Getting Things Done! I think procrastination would be proud with the kind of achievements I made with it! Include postponing calling you tooo in the list!

Harimohan said...

Ha ha!