Monday, April 11, 2011

The Corrupt Government - And You

Each time we point fingers at the government, at the corrupt people in power, at the scams - we must give ourselves a kick in the back. For not asking. For not doing anything. For electing them. For waiting for someone else to do it. For not standing up when corruption goes on around. For actively participating in corruption.

From building registrations to tax evasion, to fake bills to petty bribes, taking shortcuts to hiding the truth - we are all guilty and whatever happens to the government happens to us. After all they represent us and if we call them corrupt, fat, uncaring, looting the poor etc etc its time we looked at what we are doing. From employing under aged maid servants to not paying our dues to society, morally and financially, we are as guilty as they are. Only when we kick ourselves enough will we have the guts to take a stand like Anna Hazare did - who started with nothing to bargain when he started his demands for the Lokpal Bill but his life. And only with such high stakes did the government scramble from it position to hand him the gazette, fearing crises reminiscent of the Middle East hear if anything happened to this man.

What have we staked for our country? Joining the marches or lighting candles or sending SMSes as faceless citizens is one thing - good, that we participated, but we need to go far beyond that. We need to walk the hard path, we need to slowly and steadily show with our acts and convictions what we want to happen. If we want change, we must be the one to bring it. We must be the change like Gandhi said. So instead of thumping your chest, go and kick yourself once for all the times you acted out of your integrity. That will give you the conviction to ask for what we want as a right.

Somewhere we have lost the right to ask. Which is why we wait for Anna Hazare to ask on our behalf. I see so many youngsters, so many people of all walks, the media, joining the movement. But I do hope they all realise that it is not about fighting THEM, it is about US. They must understand that THEY are US. We elected them because those ladies and gentlemen reflect us - our morals, our values, our desires, our sensitivity, our sense of responsibility. Start looking within and make the changes now - bit by bit. That is one sure way to speed up things in the right way for sure. That way we can also ask with the same conviction that Anna Hazare asked. Else we will be forever wanting someone to change THEM - which is an extension of US. Now we don't want anyone to change us do we? Us self righteous, unctuous, finger pointers?


Anonymous said...

Very true. In a democracy we get the government we deserve not the govenrment we need.

So it will not do to just say the "government" is corrupt, the anger should be directed inward towards us all. We as a nation are corrupt. We all should be ashamed of ourselves.

I have paid off a policeman to get off a traffic violation. SO Im a part of the problem too. Just as everyone reading this blog.

Harimohan said...

Yes, and the sooner we accept it, the sooner we will be able to rectify it instead of justifying it, and the sooner we will build the moral fibre to simply do the right thing. The time is now for increased participation, for active leadership within small pockets to make the difference.

Anonymous said...

The chain is no stronger than its weakest link.