Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why KBC Is Like Life

I love Kaun Banega Crorepati's format. I think it is the best representation of life because you have all the choices with you all the time. From the start to the finish you decide what to do, how to use the resources at hand, how much risk to take and how much to lose. There is no one to blame. Or pat on the back. But yourself. That is a bit like life. All else that helped you till then, only helped. You are the one who is playing the game. So take credit.

From choosing to play the game till the time you quit or lose, you take responsibility. Only the ones who desire to compete the most get a chance to get in. The ones who are most prepared get to the hot seat. And from there the most judicious, aware and clear thinking ones, the ones who do not take their eyes off the ball just because it appears easy, the ones who weigh their pros and cons carefully, they go the farthest.

Again, the ones who use their lifelines well, the right lifeline for the right question, go further than most. Many go out of the game without using a lifeline, foolishly saving up lifelines. The smart ones use all lifelines upfront if need be - they know that it is important to get ahead more than saving up their lifelines. So in life, it is better to use help, money, resources when you need it most. First try every way to tide over the crisis, reason with each question, prod the anchor and if you still cannot find any clue, go for the lifeline. I have seen some smart cookies use up all three lifelines before the fifth question but go pretty far later. It is more important to show up without anything tomorrow - than save up stuff for later, losing everything in the bargain.

At all stages, all options lie with you. Play. Leave. Risk, Play safe. So stop complaining. Stop blaming. Imagine yourself out there in the KBC blaming your teachers, your parents, your friends, your team, for your performance - that is how foolish you look when you blame anyone in life.

Desire gets you ahead. Awareness gets you further. Courage sustains your belief. You play only those which you think is under your control. You leave all those that you cannot play without control. And mostly, the ones who get away with the big purses are the ones who quit when they are ahead of the game.

And then you realise, that win or lose, it is after all a game, But it is important to play the game well, to the best of your capabilities, whatever they are, so you can earn a good night's sleep. At the end of it all, you take from the game as much as you give it.

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