Friday, November 12, 2010

Do You Love Me?

Got a thought. When Anjali asks me 'you love me nanna?', it's the easiest thing to say 'Of course I love you'. It is easy to say that to 3 year olds I guess. But then it is not so easy to say that to many others including the ones closest to you.

Here's the test - how many people that you know would you unconditionally say 'Of course I love you more than anything else in the world' loudly and with all conviction? And, or, how about the times when you are feeling quite happy with life and you go 'I love this world, everyone in this world'.

Is this a measure of the love within you at that moment?

Would that be, the love in you, be equal to the love you have for yourself?

It also appears easy to say 'I hate you, you pompous ass' when one is really happy or ecstatic. With the same intensity as one says that 'I love the whole world'. Again I think this easy expression comes when there is love overflowing within. And total and free expression cam make one as light and as happy as one can be I guess.

Love within to overflow. Loving oneself enough. Express oneself fully. Route to ecstacy.

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