Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anjali - Life Is Happy

While driving in the Pune traffic this morning I noticed that Anjali was busy talking to herself as she peered out of the window, hugging her doll. I listened a little more carefully and caught what she was saying. 'I am happy, Nanna is happy, Mamma is happy, Ajji is happpy, Baba is happy...we are all happy', she was saying. It was a huge unending list of all the people she knew, including all her aunts, uncles, cousins, teachers, friends, the ayah at school, the watchman, her dolls, her cousins dog and so on. She caught me listening to her and smiled and continued with her affirmations for happiness in the world.

I remember a workshop that I had attended where the facilitator introduced the concept of positive affirmations as a tool to reinforce our belief system with positive thoughts. It is one of the simplest tools suggested to keep thoughts positive so they create good experiences. The basic idea is that thoughts are energy and are creative (look around the world we have created - it all began with a thought somewhere). And since thoughts have the power to create, what we think, we create. Negative thoughts can leave you steeped in negative experiences (again, all belief leads to experience, a universal truth) so it appears logical that we are focussed on keeping thoughts neutral or even better, clear and positive. Several people vouch for this technique, while many cynics have difficulty in believing that just affirming can change their experiences. They want lightning, thunder as proof!

Anyway, it struck me that here was a fine demonstration by God, a wonderful reminder in a superior and purer power through these little God things, manifestations of God behaviour and thought, children. Perhaps its as simple as that. Just as an aside, have an adult do it and check out the results - cynicism, doubt, jokes, loss of concentration and maybe a change in affirmation - (why should that sob be happy, let him rot in hell) - anything is possible.

The loud sing song affirmations were one thing but what impressed me was the trouble she went to include everyone, everything that her little mind could remember and make them 'happy'. It is something we could all do as well, to thank, to be grateful and to include all that touches our lives with just a thought, a happy thought. No need for the grand gestures, big gifts- the happy thought is fine. Make a list of all the people and don't forget to include the maid, the watchman, the office boy, the vegetable vendor and anyone who has ever spared a smile for you. And of course, include your family and friends and all who spared a kind thought or act for you. It makes one aware of how glorious life actually is.

And the world whirls by to the Anjali's of the world as they stare out of the window, wrapped in wonderful colours, with a continuous option to choose to be happy, with an option to include the whole world in our happiness. Just the thought brings a smile to the face, a 'happy'ness that she started innocently and which I hope will cause a few more smiles. Do pass the smile on to someone else.
Life is happy!    


Hmmm said...

Yes. It did bring smile on my face!

Harimohan said...

Thanks for writing Hmmm, sure served my purpose if it brought a smile. Am sure you passed it around as well.