Thursday, November 4, 2010

Couple of Interesting Sights

Here are a couple of interesting sights we passed by on the drive from Hyderabad to Pune. The one below is a mini truck almost completely obscured by a load of plastic buckets.
Mini truck loaded with plastic buckets

Cart loads of sugar cane going to sugar factories
We saw hundreds of bullock carts loaded with sugarcane being transported towards sugar factories. It was a long, long queue of bullock carts which cut across the highway. A policeman was stationed specifically to help them cross the highway safely. Almost each cart had a small family perched on top of it, sitting happily in the midday sun, some eating lunch as the cart threaded its way towards its destination. An eager and earnest bunch of people it was too, as they really showed an urgency to get across the road in the shortest period of time. Unlike several road hogs we see in the city who do not have any concern for the others on the road, But what amazed me was the number - they just kept coming and coming and coming.

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