Saturday, November 6, 2010

Anjali And The Whole World That Loves Her

The day we planned to go to Pune, Anjali caught on and she started telling us, 'Let's go to Pune soon. My ajji is waiting for me.' And once got to Pune it is 'Pooja is waiting for me or Prarthana is waiting for me...' or someone or another. It is always that the whole world is waiting for her and she completely believes that. And when you tell the other person that Anjali believes with her heart and soul that you are waiting for her, you discover that the other person finds the thought very nice. To know that someone believes that someone is waiting for them is a very nice feeling - especially if it is unconditional. And then we have adults, even close friends and family members creating all sorts of dramas about visiting one another and spending a pleasant life.

One other thing I noticed is the way she goes 'I love you nanna, (or whoever), I love you so much...' and kisses you with all the happiness in the world. And when there are adults around you can see how embarrassed they are at this. And if she singles them out for this attention you can see that they are really pleased with it and yet, are slightly embarrassed. What if she does not mean it? Or does she mean it for life? They are aware that she might just change her mind sometime later. As adults we need lifetime commitments, lifetime promises and spend all our time looking for little giveaways, indications that the other person is not sticking to the commitments. And spend all our time cribbing and fighting about it. Now if we cannot say 'I love you' without feeling the weight of the burden of lifetime commitments, we prefer not to say it.

Maybe we should live a little more in the moment. If I love someone or something at this moment, I can express it without these lifetime guarantees. Similarly if I don't like anything or anyone, I have the freedom to express it instead of suffering it or them. No judgment, no expectation, no blame, no resentment. Mere expression of what one feels.

Life is simple!

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