Monday, November 1, 2010

My Best Friend's Girl - Movie Review

Watched the grossest movie I ever did called 'My Best Friend's Girl' last night on video. The DVD says that it is okay for 15 and over but I found it too gross even for fully grown adults past 50. It was like an English version of Ram Gopal Varma was trying to push the envelope with grossness where RGV does it with violence. And to top it all the film has a star cast that fools you. Jason Biggs, Alec Baldwin, Kate Hudson and the biggest culprit Dane Cook make this movie perfectly puke worthy with all their f words, their allusions to sex all the time, their crude mannerisms, their ways of handling their baser needs. And they are, grown ups living in this world, and not some retarded adolescents who have just come in from the jungle.

Anyway the movie is about this guy who specialises in being an a**hole. After establishing the fact with 10 reasons why he is the worlds biggest a**hole, when even one would have been sufficient, the director tells us that he also has a successful business of helping people fall for one another. His best friend Jason Biggs, the nice guy, is not getting anywhere with his girlfriend Kate Hudson and they decide that they should be good friends (i.e. hands off) and she should actually see other guys (i.e. get some action). The retarded Mr. Biggs hires Mr. A to go out with Ms. Freeze so she can be Unfrozen - strictly business. Mr. A gives Mr. Nice Guy a bunch of adult videos to watch and goes off to meet Ms. F. Of course Mr. A and Ms. F, resist only one opportunity and after that grope, tumble, use f words, go to strip clubs and use and utter all the filth one reads in smutty books. And worse. And when we have Mr. A's father Alec Baldwin stepping in, and you understand why Mr. A turned out the way he did.

The inevitable happens. A falls for F and F for A. Then A, decides to sacrifice his only true love for his best friend in the oldest formula in Bollywood and does 10 more a**hole things at F's sister's wedding to make her hate him. Meanwhile Mr. Nice Guy who has caught them red handed forgives everyone which was even more gross and tells his best friend A to get his girl. F is only too happy, 3 months pregnant and thankfully, the movie ends.

If ever there was a contest for the grossest movie ever made, this would get my vote for top billing.

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