Saturday, November 27, 2010

End of workshop at COD

The workshop at COD concluded today. The participants were quite happy, there was good feedback, so we, the facilitators were happy. We all promised to be in touch and do some work as follow up. Some of them got some clear takeaways and the others will realise certain things later - but as I keep saying, nothing has gone in waste. All's well and that ends well.

One doubt that came up was that maybe this workshop - with its focus on strengths, dreams, endless possibilities - was all too happy and dreamy and not real. What about the times when one has to compromise in life? How does the champion deal with those? The thought is a logical one - that maybe we are treating it too simplistically, that life is more difficult than this. (Naturally we would think so, being addicted to drama for so many years.) Of course there will be pressures. Hardships, obstacles. The workshop will enable you to take ownership - 100% ownership of what you do. So even if there are differences, you will voice your opinion and act according to what your opinion is. It is tough work but your conscience is clear and you are championing the cause you believe in. And you will come back the next day to fight on for your belief or your cause.

There was another doubt whether self-worth is linked to honesty or dishonesty. Of course self-worth does not distinguish between honesty and dishonesty, merely a person's own definition of his worth. If you are the sort who feels money is the root cause of every problem, your worth of your self may be rather low because money does not mean much to you. However if you believe that money is fine and can be enjoyed and want lots of it and are eager to grab it, you will be able to handle and hold large sums because you somehow feel that you are worth it. The route you take to attract or repel money (honesty or dishonesty) does not mean much to it.

The concept of self-worth as we look to increase it through the workshop, is to add value to one self, through scientific preparation, through knowing the design or the process, by action and belief, so at some point you know exactly what you are doing and then when the preparation is enough to close the gap in the mind - feel that you deserve the price you want. Knowing that you are the expert, that you have added value to yourself, that you recognise your own worth as higher, will attract towards you bigger things be it fame, money or material wealth. You can then even demand it comfortably. Because, you know, that you are worth it!

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