Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Badruka College - National Entrepreneurship Week

I was invited by Prof. Rao of Badruka Institue of Foreign Trade, Kacheguda, Hyderabad, to speak at their National Entrepreneurship Week last Saturday. I went with the preparation that I would share my two bits about how the MBAs could aspire to become entrepreneurs by developing the midset required. As the events unfolded I was surprised to find out that I was the chief guest and this function was the inaugural. Which meant that there was a lamp lighting to be done and also the unveiling of a fine calendar that the students had designed and produced. It was my first experience as a chief guest and I was honoured to be one.

I made do with my speech as I had prepared it. More so because I do think that it is more important for the 30 odd students to know how the entrepreneurs mind works rather than reeling out figures and facts about opportunities and laws and stuff which is available on the net anyway.

The successful entrepreneur risks everything (like all entrepreneurs do), takes complete responsibility for his act (which makes him give his best), explores all possibilities, plans everything in great detail, leaves nothing to chance, learns all that he needs to, is focussed on a clear goal, perseveres with his project in the face of difficulties, takes setbacks and failures as teachers, does not limit his learning to one area (understands that he needs to know everything - engineering, production, marketing, finance) and so on and so forth.

To me it is the state when people are at their best, their most honest, because they not only stake all they have, they personally take responsibility for the growth of their dream. Entrepreneurial mindset is what we can take everywhere - into our jobs, personal life, career, hobbies, business - because it is a choice to give it the best shot at what you wish to do. It is the pursuit of excellence in its own way with the stakes raised high!

I am so impressed with Prof. Raos' commitment to open up the thought of entrepreneurship to youngsters. And just as I promised him, I will help him realise his dream in anyway that I can. It starts with opening up the mindset just that bit.

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