Friday, February 19, 2010

A Men Within Like Situation

While the movie based on 'The Men Within' is taking shape, Ram decided that Art Beat Capital, his production house which is producing the movie could participate in an indoor cricket corporate cup to get a hang of the game. The indoor cricket cup, named Corporate Quicket, and organised by Vidyuth at the ML Jaisimha Cricket 365 Cricket Academy, has caught the fancy of several corporates in Hyderabad and even in faraway Bengaluru. The job of piecing together a team fell on me.
We finally got three from MCC - Suri, Pawan and Ramesh, Sanjay from Central Excise, Me, Gajanand Reddy, Sumanth, Ramesh, Shilpi, Srinivas from Art Beat Capital, Uttam from BDL and Mohana Krishna, Sagar, Subbu etc filling up the bench in various capacities. It needs to qualify for the semis from the first three league matches and then plan ahead. A blend of youth and experience like they say and should be fun and competitive.
What is more interesting is that this is almost like a Men Within situation for Mohan or Sumanth to look and experience. A team that has just been formed and needs to be made into a cohesive bunch, a five match route to the final result. How do we get this team to win? It should be an interesting process.
We bought a new kit for the team, practiced the indoor format which is completely different from the regular format and got a hang of the proceedings. The indoor cricket game is placed within an enclosed net just slightly bigger and wider than the cricket pitch and is played with a softer ball. Eight members make up the team and all eight get to bat and bowl.
Today we have a practice match and on Sunday we have our first match against the Bengaluru team. Let us see where we go from here.

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