Thursday, February 20, 2020

Thought for the Day - The Truth is That People Want to Hear Lies

The song by Fleetwood Mac 'Little Lies' makes immense sense. 'Tell me lie, tell me sweet little lies' sings Stevie Nicks and for a long time, I wondered why people want to hear lies. But that's the truth - paradoxically, most of us want to hear lies.

The salesman who tells his lies sweetly gets away, just as a lover who tells his lies sweetly gets away or even a politician who sells his lies sweetly. All that matters to the customer, the girlfriend/boyfriend, voter at that point is how sweetly the lie has been told - funnily, most cases they also know they are lies. And then they believe them, like a drug they settle down into a coma, and put up with all kinds of nonsense, abuse until one day they push back.

And once again, the salesman, the lover, the politician tell those sweet little lies and all is well again.

It works beautifully. Though I feel it's manipulation of the worst kind, demeaning the other's intelligence when you do this - I know not many subscribe to it. If they are not intelligent and if they 'ant' it, give it, take what you want and move on.

Be smart!

But you also have to look in the mirror. If you truly loved them, cared for them, would you want them to grow beyond this, or would you keep them there is the question. Women,  minorities, backward classes, is uplifting them, growing them.

Little lies are ok perhaps as long as they are harmless and create some happiness, but if it based only on those, and the opposite is being done, time to wake up.

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