Friday, February 28, 2020

The Problem with Division

When leaders seek to secure power by dividing the people, there is a problem. When they talk of walls, of superior and inferior people, of insiders and outsiders, of our own and of theirs, there is a problem.

The Divide - Pic.Satish Nargundkar

To begin with, they build a false narrative to promote the divide which works in their favour in terms of polarising votes. The narrative is fear-based, lack-based, that someone or the other is taking away what should be 'ours'. It could be jobs, culture, land, money whatever. What this narrative brings into play is all those who think they will benefit from this ascension in power even at the cost of trodding over people who have lived with them for many years before this narrative began. Greed drives the narrative from the top, while fear fuels it at the bottom.

Secondly, the idea of someone being greater or someone taking away something will become central to this rule. And then, even in those that are left behind, there will be groups which think they are more deserving and that the others should be kept out. So the Aryans will be kept in and Jews kept out first and then some superior Aryans will occupy leadership positions over inferior Aryans. It will play out like that. The idea of Aryan drives the actions among all Aryans, until the inferior Aryans realise they are left behind.

Dividing as a strategy helps in the short run. But in the long run, the inferior Aryans will see through the game of the superior Aryans.

A fear-based leadership can never build anything secure or long-lasting. Both fictional ideas, but both worth pursuing. 

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