Sunday, September 29, 2019

Talk at MCRHRDI, House Journal Society

The House Journal Society, 94 FC at the MCRHRDI, invited me to their Reading Club Session 2.0 to speak about Cricket, Creativity and Writing. My old pal and writing buddy Vinod Ekbote was the one who mooted the idea and I readily agreed. The audience was composed of IPS, IRS officers of a trainee batch.

It was a free flowing talk as I shared my experiences on the process of writing, why I write, why everyone should write, the process of writing, the benefits of writing, my books, my influences, my learnings etc. At the end of the talk they asked me several questions and gave me suggestions.

How important is honesty in writing (very), I have an idea but am not sure if it is publishworthy, what to do (write it first), how to write book reviews (be kind, look at pros and cons, be original, look at it like a creative work that someone has invested in), how can I motivate myself to write everyday (be true to your why, your priorities) etc.

After the talk the President of the club Shreya gifted me a journal and a small gift - a lovely little book for me to write.

Thanks Vinod, the members of the House Journal Society and MCRHRDI.

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