Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Anjali - The Race

Anjali's school 'Daksha' had a selection for their first real Sports Day. Until last year all Sports Days were mostly yoga, kung fu and other performances - no competitions. This year there are some races planned.
The Race -Anjali farthest right
Anjali's friends Mansi and Divya are two fast runners and Anjali tries to keep up with them at best. She found herself in the group with Mansi. Divya was in another group. The first two or three qualify for the final run on Sports Day.

'I thought I will lose anyway,' said Anjali. 'I thought I would make the best of my loss and give it a fight.'.
The focus - Give it my best
Interesting approach. It's a good one to carry even if you were the champion. Whatever happens in the final this approach is brilliant.

Off she went in the trial run and surprise, surprise - she actually beat Mansi which was a shocker. Anjali was over the moon!

The actual final was held after a while and once again Anjali gave Mansi a tough fight.

'I saw her look at me while we were near the end,' said Anjali with a smile. 'A look that was like - why is she here? She is not supposed to be here.'

Mansi won the race but Anjali came second and qualified. 'It was a close race,' said Anjali.

The pressure of competition, the approach to the race which you don't have much hope on, the desire to give it your all - good stuff. It's a good attitude to carry when you are not the favorite - give it your all and do the best you can.

The teachers shared the pics on the school group and I was happy to see the focus she brought to her race. It's a lovely pic - one I would always go back and watch when I have to be reminded of focus.

And I am reminded of the times I could have taken this same approach when I was faced with tough competition instead of giving up before the race. 

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