Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thought for the Day - The Connection Between Knowing What You Want And Love

The question - do you know what you want - is a rather difficult question for many. Just as - do you love what you are doing is too.

When we operate from a space of love there is decisive action, there is a clear 'I want that', and all action comes from that space. When we operate from the opposite of love, i.e. fear, we do not know what we want. We only know what we don't want. There is no decisive action. There is subsequent misery too, be it a job, a relationship, work etc.

The test then is to see where one is operating from - love or fear.

The person who operates from love is clear about what he or she wants and is willing to go to any length for it. The person who operates out of fear is unclear about what he or she wants, and is only trying to find excuses for every half-act or non-act.

The choice is always between love and fear. Love enhances. Fear diminishes.

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